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frequently asked questions

General common problems

Q: How to join the Oriental Entertainment City?  

 A: You can directly click "Join Now". After you do fill in the information, you can immediately register as A member of Oriental Entertainment City

Q: Can I deposit my money directly on the Internet?

 A: Yes, Oriental Entertainment City offers A variety of online deposit options. Please refer to the "Deposit Instructions" for details

 Q: Where can I find the rules of the game?

 A: Before logging in, you can see the "rules of the game" option at the outermost level of the game, and clearly tell you how the game plays, rules and how to send the game to play. In the game window, there are also the "rules" option, so that you can enjoy the fun of the game, while you can bounce the window to remind you of the rules of the game.

 Q: Can I just try it out without betting?

 A: Yes, we sincerely invite you to try out our video games. No login, just click "game try" can try for free!

 Q: How many cards will you use in your game?

 A: At Baccarat, we will use 8 cards, while other games will be adjusted according to their nature.

 Q: When will you shuffle the cards?

A: All card games are reshuffled when the popular shuffle mark appears or the game is interrupted due to line problems.

 Common technical problems

Q: What are the minimum hardware system requirements?

1. Any computer that is connected to the Internet.

2. The SVGA display card should be at least 1204x768 pixels and above 256 colors.

3. Area bandwidth.

4. Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.

5. Internet Explorer Browser v6.0 or above (version 7.0 or better), Mozilla Firefox (Browser v3.0 or better),

 Opera (Browser v8.0 or above), Chrome (Browser v6.0 or above), Safari (Browser v4.0 or above)

6. To view the online entertainment arena, you can download the Macromedia Flash Player browser add-on program (version 8.0 or above) from the Macromedia website.

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