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DF CASINO,one of the 13 big advantages

1. Provide free registration of lottery gold 3.88 USDT free offline members!

2. Independent exclusive easy to remember the domain name to the agent promotion!

3. Commission can be settled daily and weekly settlement!

4. No win or lose, no accumulation! One hundred percent profit!  

5. You can get 5 ‰ commission income of all the recharge amount of your offline members every day!(Available settlement)

6. Can get 1 ‰ commission income of the valid betting amount of all the offline members every day!(Available settlement)

7. You can get a real and valid member registration bonus every day!(Available settlement)

8. The total monthly commission of 28888 USDT is 128 USDT incentive commission again; the total monthly commission of 68888 USDT is 588 USDT incentive commission again; the total monthly commission of over 138888 USDT is 1388 USDT incentive commission again.

9. Our electronic offers are particularly many, and our customers like our platform more!

10. Diversified platforms, so that customers can play games according to their favorite platforms!

11. It's easier to pay with USDT! The payment speed is fast! International old brand! Customers are more assured!

12. Provide mobile web version to play games, mobile APP version to play games, more exciting, more enjoyable!

13. Commissioner one to one to teach you how to do a good job of agency, develop members! Hand in hand tutorial, let you develop without worry!

● Agent Scheme 

Plan 1: daily commission settlement, pumping agency scheme

Proxy preferential treatment

Feedback commission

Eligible members


Number of offline new members (one)

8 USDT / 1 each

Deposit of 40 US SDT

Effective bet on 120 US SDT

8 USDT / membership (unlimited)

Total daily deposit of offline members

5 ‰ (thousand points 5)

Example: the total deposit of the day under the agent is 1 million USDT

Yes: 1000000X0.005=5000U commission

No upper limit

Offline membership day total effective betting

1 ‰ (1 thousand)

Example: the total bet on 1 million USDT

Yes: 1000000X0.001=1000U commission

No upper limit

       在           * New membership: first deposit in the month, 40 USDT, valid 120 USDT

                   Note: Please keep in mind to use any dishonest way to defraud the agent commission, such as multiple IP accounts / malicious arbitrag,  All account  companies have the right to refuse to send the rebate.

Agency plan 2: the actual profit and loss plan

negative profit

Eligible members

rate of commission

≥ 40 USDT





≥ 4000 USDT



≥ 40000 USDT



≥ 200000 USDT



or instance:

-Agent negative profit 40000 USDT with 3 valid members, commission rate of 35%

-Agent negative profit 40000 USDT with 20 valid members, commission rate of 55%

* The minimum effective membership required for the agent to receive the commission is 3.

* Qualified members: monthly member deposit 40 USDT, valid bet 120 USDT (calculated according to Ip total rating, activity and approved recharge).

* If the agent does not meet the above two conditions in the month, the commission will not be calculated in the month.

* Note: Google SEO / ADS agents operate internal keywords with a fixed 25% commission.

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